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After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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I Don't Need Two

Mastectomy Fashion

Our Tribe

"Jenni Rai, PT, CLT is founder of #OurTribe, an online community helping navigate the transition from breast cancer survivor, to thriver."


Terri is a patient educator and advocate for choices in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Ticking off Breast Cancer


Creative Transformations

Because cancer is not simply a medical problem and yet the emotional needs of cancer  survivors are often overlooked, unaddressed, or neglected.


The traditional approaches of only talk therapy are not enough to fully heal the body, mind, spirit and self.


The healing from cancer is not a linear process, so to be successful in supporting my community, I knew I had to develop techniques that cancer survivors can learn in order to be able to lean on them in a moment of need.

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Juliet FitzPatrick

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Beatrice Compagnon

Beatrice is a self-described polyglot and self-confessed workaholic.  Bea is fluent in 4 languages and has over 10 years of C-Level experience. You can check out her blog here.