We are here to support, validate and encourage individual's throughout their breast cancer and healing journey.

Meet the Women Behind BSBC

Mia is a 12 year thriver, a mom of 4 and a wife.  Sondra is a 7 year thriver, a mom of 3 daughters and a wife.

Flat & Reconstructed

We both chose the path of immediate reconstruction after our mastectomies, and we have both had significant complications and numerous related surgeries.  Sondra chose to 'deconstruct' and is now, proudly, living flat. We believe women (and men) are entitled to receive all their reconstruction options and that not all women need to have reconstruction to 'feel whole' following mastectomy.

Our community

We both felt a calling to create a space that is all-inclusive.  A safe space to support and lift others.  We believe that everyone has a voice, everyone's story matters, and that sometimes, they just need to find the empowerment to use their voice.   

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